Being a Work At Home Mum

Being a Work At Home Mum

Before KJdesigns :

I had a great school hours accounts job - I could drop my son at school, and be home in time to pick him up.  I'd spent a great deal of time over the years searching for my 'dream job'.  I worked in banking and accounting, all very practical, number related jobs.  I had started studying to be an accountant, and did some basic graphic design and photography courses.  I wanted to be creative, but hadn't yet found my passion.

KJdesigns was born :

KJdesigns was born a few months after our beautiful Koby was born.  I was searching for a way to remember and honour him.  I have found it, and it became my creative outlet, and my passion, and now my business.  KJdesigns ran alongside my employment for a while, then about a year after I began the business I had to choose - I no longer had the time for both.  We had been trying to conceive our rainbow as well, and it was all taking a toll.  There was just not enough time in the day.

Decisions :

I made the decision to leave my employment - I didn't feel the same about it after Koby.  KJdesigns was now my passion and my way of going forward as Mum to an angel baby.  It was scary, exciting and freeing.  I could now do what I loved, be home for my son, watch Home and Away 'as a lunch break' ... 

Challenges :

My last week at my employment - we conceived our rainbow baby - naturally (after 7 failed fertility treatments).  It was a very scarey time, and I was pleased I could be home during my pregnancy, and also pleased that I had KJdesigns to focus on.  Subsequent pregnancies are very difficult (that is another story), and I was constantly concerned not only for my baby, but for the business and what would happen if I had to spend a length of time in hospital, if baby came early .. all the what if's.  It made it difficult to plan, and I placed the challenge upon myself, to be constantly up to date with orders, just in case.  I didn't want to let anyone down.

Kobys Little Brother :

Koby's little brother, Devon arrived, planned induction and I had 3 months maternity leave from the business.  Devon brought with him another challenge with running the business - the constant search for time!!

Little Helper :

Those with little ones, will understand, they constantly want to help.  They are inquisitive and really want to know what everything is, and what it is for!

When he was one, he just wanted to sit at my desk.  Just because he could.

When he was 2, he wanted to use a hammer!

Now, he wants to do everything ... but often, just wants a cuddle... and how can I resist.


Work at Home Mum :

Creating Handstamped Jewellery and Keepsakes is the one of the most important jobs I've had.  Being a Mum is the most important job I have.  Being able to do both is amazing.

It is a challenge.

Finding time for EVERYTHNG.

Being production manager & assistant, marketing manager, accountant, administration, photographer, cleaner, and Mum, all at once is difficult.

Not being able to 'go to work' and just get your job done, can be difficult, and frustrating. 

Working evenings and weekends, just because there isn't enough hours in the day.

Finding balance.

All these things are difficult, and a challenge for work at home Mums ... and then there is the guilt.  I am working, I am busy, I don't have time ... But I am always home, if they need me, I am here.  If they need a cuddle, they get one.  Most of the year, I have afternoons free - from 2.30pm - they have me then.  Though of course there are after school activities and we are often busy ... but I'm busy with them then.

But ... I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love working at home and being here for my babies.

Posted: Friday 12 August 2016