Jewellery Care

How to best care for your jewellery.

All jewellery will have a longer life if it is looked after.  Exposing your jewellery to water, swimming pools, the ocean, moisturisers, perfume etc will all cause wear on your item, and the metals that will tarnish, will do so faster.  The rate of tarnish (for metals that tarnish) will vary from person to person, and place to place.

You can slow the rate of tarnish down by taking your jewellery off in the evenings, and for all metals other than stainless steel (ie copper, brass, sterling silver) you can store them in an airtight plastic bag with an anti tarnish tab. 

Stainless steel doesn't tarnish, so can withstand the elements better, but still requires care. 

Keep your jewellery clean and dry.

Don't use any chemical cleaners on your jewellery.  

For the stainless steel a soft polishing cloth is all you need.  For copper, brass, aluminium & sterling silver, a pro-polish pad is amazing, and a soft cloth can  also help.


Microfibre Polishing Cloth

Pro Polish Pad