KJdesigns Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom orders ?

Yes !  Everything you see on the website starts out blank.  For the handstamped pieces, they are made to order - your words, names etc will be stamped into the metal one letter at a time.  This means you can have any words, any names etc that you want on ANY of the designs.  If something says "This Mummy belongs to", you can request "Mummy is loved by" or even "The elephant is pink" - anything you want so long as it will fit.  When you order, just type the words etc you are wanting in the product area, there is also space at checkout.  If you want to explain something more - pop it in brackets or similar (I want you to stamp a heart where I have put the word heart).  You can even draw a picture of what you are thinking and attach it at checkout or email me

Can I choose the font I want ?

Yes you can, though some designs will only fit certain fonts.  Check them out here : fonts You can select the font to your cart, or just add a note at checkout with the font name you prefer.  If you are unsure if the font you like will fit on the design you like - please send us through a message to check!

Some of the designs have pictures on them - can we have one ?

We have a range of design stamps available.  The larger design stamps are BEST suited to aluminium and copper designs, as the metal is softer and it is easier to get a good imprint with the stamp.  They are NOT suited to the designs in Stainless Steel, though we can do the simple designs like the small hearts or stars on these.  You can view them here - design stamps, and add them to your cart as required.

Some of the designs have photos on them - can we have one ?

Some of the designs do include photos.  These are created via sublimation, and can only be created with specific sublimation materials so is not possible on other designs.

Postage in New Zealand is Urban $6 and Rural $10 and is sent via NZ Post Couriers.   All our parcels are sent tracked.

Other countries parcels are sent via International Airmail at a cost of approximately $25.  Please enquire as this option has been removed from the website due to uncertain times and changing prices.

How long will I have to wait for my order?

The wait time is generally 1 - 3 weeks.  This depends upon how busy we are, what time of year it is, if it is school holidays etc.  Generally most orders will be dispatched within a week to 10 days.  However if you are urgently needing your item there is the "Rush My Order" option available (search Rush My Order, or the option will appear at checkout) to have your order elevated to the top of the queue.

Where are you located, can I pick up?

We are located in Cambridge, in the Waikato, and we are happy to allow pickups by arrangement only.

Do you Wholesale or do Bulk Discounts?

Absolutely yes !  There is a wholesale section where you can download our wholesale list.  Included are our most popular wholesale products.  

We are also happy to do a bulk discount on 10+ items - the discounts will start from 10% and will depend upon how much stamping / time is required to create the design you are wanting.  

Can I share your image of my purchase?

Yes, we are happy for you to share, we'd love you to tag us if you are doing so on Facebook or Instagram.

How many words will fit on this design?

Have a look at the sample pictures of the design, this will give you a good idea.  If you look in the font page you can choose the font you like.  Different fonts will fit different amounts of words on each design.  If you let us know the words and the font, we can let you know if it will fit.

Do you have a shop where I can view your designs?

No we don't.  KJdesigns is run from our home studio, and every item is custom made.  You can check our Facebook Page to see previous designs if you would like.

Why is stainless steel such an awesome metal for jewellery?

Stainless steel looks great, yet doesn't cost a fortune.  Compared to Sterling Silver, stainless steel is much more affordable, and looks just as high end.

Stainless steel has been used for many years by luxury watch makers as their metal of choice.  This is because of how great it looks, and its durability. 

Sterling Silver can create reactions in some, and over time, it tarnishes - 316L Stainless steel does not tarnish or corrode.  Stainless Steel is hypoallergenic, and has antibacterial properties - (think surgical equipment) and you will not have a reaction to it.

Stainless Steel can be ION plated to resemble gold, and rose gold.  This is very long lasting plating that will not chip off.

Stainless Steel is strong, great for withstanding hand stamping (repeatedly being hit by a hammer!), and will last the test of time.

What other metals do you use ?

Copper : Copper is a chemical element metal.  It is a soft metal, and often has a rustic feel.  It does tarnish, but can easily be polished back to a warm shine.

Brass : Brass is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc.  It is a harder metal than copper, but not as hard as stainless steel.

Pewter : Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, consisting mostly of tin, but also copper and lesser known metals.  Considered a precious metal, and while used by the Ancient Egyptians, became popular in the middle ages.

Aluminium : Aluminium is a soft metal that does not tarnish.  It is the 3rd most abundant element in the Earths Crust after Oxygen and Silicon.  It's a fantastic metal for hand stamping as due to it's softness you can get a greater impression than you can in stainless steel.  It can look a lot like sterling silver once polished.

Sterling Silver : Sterling Silver is a silver alloy, containing 92.5% silver, and 7.5% (usually). copper.  Fine silver is very soft and easily damaged, so this alloy was created to increase durability.

Gold Fill /Rose Gold Fill: Gold and Rose Gold fill composes a solid layer of gold / rose gold pressure bonded to another metal.  It has 100% more gold than gold plated, and 100% more rose gold than rose gold plated, does not flake or rub off.  It is tarnish resistant and if you can wear gold or rose gold, you can wear gold or rose gold filled.  A fantastic alternative to gold and rose gold.