• KJ Premium Collection
    Our Premium Collection features a range of Stainless Steel Jewellery created especially for you, and waiting to be personalised with words, names or dates of your choice.
  • KJ Designer Collection
    Our Designer Collection features a selection of ION plated Stainless Steel designs, they'll be handstamped especially for you.
  • KJ Rustic Collection
    The Rustic Collection features a selection of Copper, Brass, Aluminium & Pewter Jewellery. These beautiful metals are softer than Stainless Steel, and look amazing handstamped for you.
  • KJ Precious Metals collection
    Our Precious Metals Collection features Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Filled Designs. Precious metals, for precious memories.
  • Fire Painted Collection
    Our Fire Painted Collection features beautiful Copper designs all fire painted. Fire painting creates gorgeous and unique colours on copper ... check out our range of 'one off' items, as well as regulars here.
  • Angel Wings Pendant
    The Angel Wings Pendant is a beautiful pendant, perfect as a memorial pendant to remember a loved one.
    NZ$ 92.00
  • Feather Pendant
    The Feather Pendant is gorgeous handstamped with an inspirational word or two.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Me and You Pendant
    The Me and You Pendant is perfect for someone who you will love forever.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Semi Colon Pendant
    The Semi Colon Pendant - a beautiful reminder that your story isn't over yet.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Stitched Heart Pendant
    The Stitched Heart Pendant is the perfect pendant for the little girl in your life.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • My Heart Pendant
    The unique My Heart Pendant offers 2 layers of hearts, both can be personalised for you.
    NZ$ 103.50
  • Koby Pendant
    The Koby Pendant was KJdesigns first design. Personalised for you, including a swarovski crystal birthstone.
    NZ$ 51.75
  • Duo Pendant (Large)
    The personalised Duo Pendant (Large) can feature your children's names and birthdates.
    NZ$ 92.00
  • Trinity Pendant
    The Trinity Pendant features 3 luxurious rings personalised for you.
    NZ$ 115.00
  • Daddy and Me Dog Tag
    The Daddy and Me Dog Tag - one for Dad and one for his little girl(s).
    NZ$ 51.75
  • Elephant Pendant
    If you love Elephants - this cute pendant might be perfect for you. Personalised for you.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Dog Tag Necklace
    The classic Dog Tag - personalised with names, dates or words of your choice.
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Pillar of Strength
    The Pillar of Strength is a stylish solid bar that can be personalised for you.
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Still Loved Pendant
    The Still Love Pendant is a memorial design that is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones never really leave us.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • All My Love Pendant
    The All My Love Pendant features little discs, personalised with initials and / or dates of your loved ones.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Be You Pendant
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Birth Details Pendant
    Keep the details of your little ones birth close to you always on this gorgeous Dog Tag Pendant.
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Brass Chevron Pendant
    The Brass Chevron Pendant is perfect personalised with 2 names.
    NZ$ 32.20
  • Dragonfly Pendant
    The lovely Dragonfly Pendant can feature 4 names or other words, wear the magic and inspiration of the dragonfly around your neck.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Duo Pendant (Small)
    The personalised Duo Pendant is perfect for 2 or more names.
    NZ$ 80.50
  • Elegant Bar Pendant
    The Elegant Bar Pendant is perfect for a name or two, a date, or an inspirational word.
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Eternal Links Pendant (Mini)
    The Eternal Links Pendant features 3 intertwined rings - personalised for you.
    NZ$ 120.75
  • Family Pendant
    The Family Pendant is perfect for the names of your loved ones .. keep them close to your heart.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Family Tree Pendant
    The Family Tree Pendant is a perfect way to celebrate your family, personalised with your loved ones names.
    NZ$ 86.25
  • Geo Heart Pendant
    The Geo Heart Pendant is a unique take on the traditional heart, handstamped with names or words of your choice.
    NZ$ 51.75
  • HEX Pendant
    The HEX Pendant with it's 6 sides is perfect for families with up to 6 kids.
    NZ$ 44.85
  • Horse Pendant
    Our Horse Pendant can be hand stamped with a quote, or a name of your choice. Perfect jewellery for horse lovers.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Magic Unicorn Pendant
    Add some magic to your little one's day with this gorgeous Magic Unicorn Pendant - personalised with their name!
    NZ$ 23.00
  • I Pick You Pendant
    The Guitar Pick Pendant is perfect for those who love music or puns.
    NZ$ 36.80
  • Infinity Pendant
    The Infinity Pendant celebrates those you love forever. Personalised for you.
    NZ$ 80.50
  • Inner Beauty Pendant
    The Inner Beauty Pendant features a stunning swarovski crystal wire wrapped onto copper.
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Jandals Pendant
    Our Jandals Pendant is as Kiwi as they come!
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Katis Pendant
    Katis Pendant features 3 personalised rings, with a heart on top.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • Kiwi As Pendant
    The Kiwi As Pendant features any place name or Kiwi slang you would like.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Locked Heart Pendant
    Locked Heart Pendants feature one or more hearts, to keep your loved ones close.
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Lucys Pendant
    Lucys Pendant features 4 rings - a stunning design personalised for you.
    NZ$ 161.00
  • Luxury Ring Pendants
    Luxury Ring Pendants, 3 different sizes - perfect for all tastes, and all personalised for you.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • Mama Bear Pendant
    The Mama Bear Pendant has a wee hand stamped bear cub for each of your babies.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Me Love You Pendant
    Me Love You Pendant, created with special words .. a beautiful reminder to wear close to your heart.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Mermaid Pendant
    The Mermaid Pendant is perfect for all those who love mermaids and the ocean.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Moon Pendant
    The Moon Pendant is perfect for the "I love you to the moon and back" quote or any other words you'd like.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Mothers Love Designer Pendant
    Celebrate the love you have for your children with our Mothers Love Designer Pendant.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • My Family Pendant
    My Family Pendant - personalised with your loved ones names.
    NZ$ 74.75
  • My Family Pendant Mini
    My Family Pendant the small version - personalised for you.
    NZ$ 51.75
  • Opal Pendant
    The Opal Pendant has 4 rings, personalised for you - with 4 or more names.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • Open Hearted Pendant
    The Open Hearted Pendant in sterling silver is a beautiful way to wear your loved ones close to your heart.
    NZ$ 109.25
  • Precious Love (Gold/Rose Gold) Pendant
    Stunning and simple, the Precious Love Pendant comes in Gold or Rose and is personalised for you.
    NZ$ 86.25
  • Precious Love Pendant
    The Precious Love Pendant in Sterling Silver, a beautiful and delicate personalised pendant.
    NZ$ 69.00
  • Puzzle Pendant
    The Puzzle Pendant is perfect for a short quote, handstamped for you.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Ruby Pendant
    The Ruby Pendant has 3 rings, perfect for those with 3 children.
    NZ$ 57.50

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