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  • Bottle Opener Wallet Card
    Bottle Opener Wallet Cards not only open bottles, but can sport a special message... and fit neatly into the wallet.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Copper Wallet Insert
    Copper Wallet Inserts are a lovely keepsake for that special person.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Wallet Insert
    Our selection of Wallet Inserts will give you options - these inserts fit a long quote, lyrics, enough room to say something really special to the one you love.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Cat Tag
    A handstamped tag for your cat! Handstamped with their name and your phone number.
    NZ$ 14.95
  • Designer Pet Tag
    Our Designer Pet Tag features our favourite floral design along with your pets name and your phone number.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Bone Pet Tag
    Choose our Bone Pet Tag for your dog - we'll personalise it for you.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Monster Bag Tag
    The cute Monster Bag Tag features a boy or girl monster, and your little ones name.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Bag Tag
    Add a cute personalised tag to your little ones kindy or school bag.
    NZ$ 17.25
    Out Of Stock
  • Pewter Trinket Dish
    This Pewter Trinket Dish can be personalised for you.
    NZ$ 59.80
  • Guitar Pick
    Why play guitar with an ordinary pick when you can use a personalised guitar pick?
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Moon and Back Decoration
    I love you to the moon and back - perfect words for this Moon Decoration.
    NZ$ 28.75
    Out Of Stock
  • Luggage Tag
    Our Luggage Tags will never rip, fade or get broken. The best way to label your luggage.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Memory Jar Tag
    Record all the happy things with our hand stamped Memory Jar Tag.
    NZ$ 20.13
  • Personalised Bead Charm
    Personalised Bead Charms - add to your European Bracelet.
    NZ$ 23.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Keepsake Jar
    These Keepsake Jars are personalised and perfect for those who like to collect sand!
    NZ$ 15.81
  • Shoe Tag
    These Shoe Tags are perfect for runners, walkers or anyone who wants a bit of extra motivation while they are working out.
    NZ$ 17.25
  • Garden Spoon Sign
    NZ$ 13.80