My Rainbow Baby

My Rainbow Baby

Well, he is here!

My rainbow baby is here and he is 8 weeks old!

He is just beautiful.  I still find it hard to believe he is here, and all the stresses of ttc and the pregnancy are gone and distant memories ... and I have a baby!

Because I have a baby I am typing one handed , and its taking a while.  Which of course means this wont be a very long post!

He prefers to sleep on me - can you blame him, he was sleeping on me for nearly 9 months ... much more comfy.

He was 2.9 kg born, and is now over 4kg - he has beautiful blue eyes and a little bit of blondy hair.  We are in love :)

Here he is : Devon James - little brother of Koby <3

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Posted: Thursday 13 March 2014