Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Well its Mothers Day.

I love my babies.  One of them got me up at 5am.  One of them made me a lovely 'teapot' card.

One of them, I can't see.  I can't cuddle.  I can't squeeze and tickle.  One of them is not physically with me.  He is in my heart and  I miss him.  Every day.  But today, is hard.  I have 3 boys, but just 2 of them are here.  I wish I could cuddle and talk to Koby, he would be running round, giggling and waking the baby!  He would be out with my hubby and my sunshine baby now, buying me my Mothers Day present.  Wonder what he would choose to buy? 

Yes its Mothers Day, I have 2 of my beautiful children here.  But one is missing.  While I am happy, I am also sad.  Something is missing, sometimes it feels like I have to grab onto the missing piece and hold it as tight as I can so it doesn't slip away.  Time makes images fade, and it's scarey the thought of my baby fading away.  But he's there, always, with me, with us, and he will always be a part of our family.  He will be forever with us, and forever loved and remembered.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummies out there, not only the ones with their babies with them, but those with their babies in their hearts.  Happy Mothers Day to all the Aunties, Daddies, Grandparents, who are "Mummies", either to children here, or in their hearts.  And Happy Mothers Day to my Mum.  Love you always.

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Posted: Saturday 10 May 2014