Kobys Little Footprints

Kobys Little Footprints

Kobys Little Footprints :

This year Koby will be 5.  Or rather it will be 5 years since he was born.  We call it his birthday.  It was the day he was born.  I know he had passed away already, but even though he was stillborn, he was still born.

My husband and I have his footprints as tattoo's on our arms, and his name. 

His footprints are important.  They prove he was real.  They are on my arm forever.  With me forever.

Little Footprints to carry on :

Every year, I create and donate our handstamped Little Footprints Pendants to Waikato Hospital.  They are for their bereavement room, and they are donated to families who lose a baby.  They are something for them to wear, something for them to put on straight away, little footprints, so they can feel close to their baby.  Feel like they have something of their baby with them.  Some small comfort.  Some help in carrying on.

Donation :

KJdesigns creates and donates these custom pendants every year.  We donate 1 pendant for every month Koby has been gone.  This year I will personally be handstamping 60 pendants in honour and memory of Koby.  Pendants that will go to families who don't get to keep their precious baby.  60 months, seems like a crazy amount of months that will have passed.  5 years.  We would have been looking forward to him starting school soon!  Yet it seems like yesterday.

Each year I need to start creating these earlier and earlier to get them done in time.  Here are the first 5.  Ready and waiting for their new homes.  How I wish they weren't needed.

Doing Something :

I say it quite often - I need to 'do something' for Koby.   In a way it is my way of parenting him.  Creating things in his name.  Over the next 2 months I will make the remaining 55 pendants.  Each one I make carries a little bit of my heart and soul as I know it will be going to someone who has lost a little bit of theirs.

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Posted: Friday 5 August 2016