A Wedding for $1000!!! Part 2.

A Wedding for $1000!!! Part 2.

Our wedding outfits !

I have to admit - I did have a vision of what we'd wear.  Even though this wasn't my first wedding, I wanted to wear white, something simple, and a little flowy.  I wanted the kids in white tops/white dress, and the boys with paua shell vests .. and hubby matching. 

As a newly handmade business I was very concious about buying handmade and local.  However I have to admit, the budget wedding, my vision, and handmade prices did  not gel.  So my dress - was purchased from ebay for under $80 including postage from Australia.  It was exactly what I wanted, so I felt this splurge on my small budget was worth the $80!

So one of the biggest tips to budget weddings - is finding wonderful friends who are happy to help out.  My lovely friend Nicki is very talented with a sewing machine.  She found me the perfect material, and made the boys these gorgeous waistcoats.  As we know material isn't cheap, but the 3 waist coats cost $38.

As it was September we managed to source the white shirts and pants at super bargain end of winter prices of under $50 for the lot. 

And the wee dress my step daughter wore, borrowed from the same lovely friend Nicki. 

To complete our outfits ... the girls wore wee floral headpieces.  These were made by me from $2 shop flowers, wire and floral tape.  Total cost was $10.

Here we are trying them out for size before the big day!

And of course - it was a beach wedding ... so bare feet was the order of the day for hubby and the kids ... and I had a pair of 'bead jandles' which I made myself, cost $0, as I already had all the goodies needed.  (Please note it is sand on hubbys feet - he does not have hobbit feet!!!)

Hope you enjoyed reading, and look forward to sharing more next week in part 3.

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Posted: Friday 23 September 2016