All about Mothers Day (Part 1)

All about Mothers Day (Part 1)

Mothers Day is super special for me ..

The younger me never wanted children.  Ever.  In fact I never wanted childen until I heard that 'tick tick tick' of my biological clock as I was nearly 30.

My Firstborn ..

was textbook from conception (first try) to birth.  He was even born on Mothers Day.  My first Mothers Day gift, was my first baby!

I thought that it was exhausting having a newborn, and one that wouldn't sleep during the day... little did I know that actually, it was pretty amazing that he SLEPT THROUGH the night from 6 weeks! 

Being a Mum ..

was hard for me.  I had no family around, a husband who worked away a lot, and I couldn't control what happened each day !  I found it very difficult adjusting to being on 'baby time'.  I eventually learnt to 'go with the flow' and life became easier.    We eventually found some form of routine, and conquered those elusive day sleeps !  

Looking back ..

I wish I'd had more time to appreciate Motherhood more the first time.  But I guess that isn't what the blur of first time motherhood is all about.

This is my little blondie back when he was around 3.

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Posted: Tuesday 17 April 2018