• KJ Premium Collection
    Our Premium Collection features a range of Stainless Steel Jewellery created especially for you, and waiting to be personalised with words, names or dates of your choice.
  • KJ Designer Collection
    Our Designer Collection features a selection of ION plated Stainless Steel designs, they'll be handstamped especially for you.
  • KJ Rustic Collection
    The Rustic Collection features a selection of Copper, Brass, Aluminium & Pewter Jewellery. These beautiful metals are softer than Stainless Steel, and look amazing handstamped for you.
  • KJ Precious Metals collection
    Our Precious Metals Collection features Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Filled Designs. Precious metals, for precious memories.
  • Fire Painted Collection
    Our Fire Painted Collection features beautiful Copper designs all fire painted. Fire painting creates gorgeous and unique colours on copper ... check out our range of 'one off' items, as well as regulars here.

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