Hieroglyph Bar Pendant

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Hieroglyph Bar Pendant
Cute Hand Stamped Bar Pendant with a word or name in Hieroglyphs!
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You can now have Hieroglyph's on the popular Bar Pendant .. 

Choose your favourite inspirational word, or your name and it can be hand stamped onto this cute pendant.

Egyptians didn't have an English alphabet  so many of the symbols are 'close to sound', so the same symbol is  used for several letters - for example "C" and "K",  "E" and "I", "F" and "V", and "U" and "W".

It's a complex language, and unless other wise requested I will stamp the direct 'alphabet' version of the English words.  So if you want "Courage" stamped, like the main image, I will select the corresponding symbol as per the images.

Aluminium Bar

51cm stainless steel cable chain

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