Customer Story : Julia

Customer Story : Julia

Customer Story : Julia

Remembering Isaac:

Ever since our son Isaac was stillborn in 2013, we have looked for ways to include him in special occasions as he is very much an important part of our family. We have cake on his birthday, his little sister plays with his teddy which his ashes live inside, and we have many little momentos which have his name or symbolise him in some way. We wanted to make sure that Isaac was remembered and celebrated at our wedding this year, so I chose the get some personalised cufflinks for my husband as a gift to him and to celebrate our two children.

They arrived :

When they arrived, I cried! They are perfect and I couldn’t wait to give them to my husband.

On the morning of the wedding I accidentally took them with me when I went to get ready, which turned out to be a stroke of luck, as our photographer got some nice shots of them! While the cufflinks were not the most prevalent of reminders of Isaac, they were definitely one that I loved a lot! Thank you Susan for your amazing work!

You can check out our cufflinks here : Personalised Cuff Links

Posted: Friday 16 December 2016