Customer Story : Karen and Elizabetta

Customer Story : Karen and Elizabetta

Customer Story : Karen and Elizabetta

Elizabetta's story :

In April 2014 we lost our daughter Elizabetta. I don't know when she died but we discovered she had no heartbeat at our routine 16 week check.

The words, "Sorry there is no heartbeat." Or in my case, "Nope, I can't find a heartbeat either." At the scan are words that will haunt me forever. In that moment of shock I was unable to advocate for myself. The treatment I got from the sonographer then and a week later when I was induced was less than ideal.

Healing :

Over the weeks and months to follow I wrote many poems, kept a journal, wrote many letters of complaint and tried to heal. I took it upon myself to make sure other people weren't treated as I was, I advocated for systems to be put in place at scans for helping people through the process of being told their baby had died and I fundraised for a Cuddle Cot so no other mother needed to be asked if they wanted their child placed in the fridge.

Cuddle Cot :

On the 6 month anniversary of Elizabetta's birth and Babyloss Awareness Day 15 October 2014, I donated the Cuddle Cot I had purchased to Christchurch Women's Hospital.

I wore the necklace Suz handstamped with the words I had written, words that spoke of my rebirth and new found strength.


"In the stillness of your heart

I felt mine beat

In the silence of your cries

I found my voice"

Elizabetta's Pendant :

This was Karen's design but I loved it so much, it is also available on the website now, in our Baby Loss section.

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Posted: Friday 24 June 2016