ANZAC Day is approaching again ... what does it mean to you?

Anzac Day is a National Day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia which commemorates and remembers all NZ'ers and Aussies who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations, and the contribution and suffering of all those who served.

The date is itself is the date that the ANZAC's landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.

What does this date mean to you ?

ANZAC Day is important to me

The sacrifice that was involved is something that I can't, and I assume a lot of us these days, just can't comprehend.  They sacrificed for us.  So we can live how we do today.  For your tomorrow they gave their today.  I cant think of anything more important - our today, our tomorrow, and our future.

My Family

My Grandparents both served their Country.  Our Country.  They actually met on a hospital ship where my Nana was a Nurse.  They met because of the war.  They both survived the war, though they saw things no person should ever have to see, and returned to New Zealand.  This amazing image was painted by Brent Harvey, who studied with my Papa who was also an artist.

I spent several years overseas and visited Gallipoli for Anzac Day 1999.  Being there, and visiting Anzac Cove, and wandering around all the cemeteries and memorial areas was one of the most sobering things I have ever done.  We spent a lot of time, reading names, and just being there.  Anzac Cove itself is extremely beautiful and it is so hard to imagine the terror and bloodshed that happened there.  All those souls being lost.  It just doesn't make sense.  It makes you realise that we have to remember.  We have to make sure these things never happen again.  We have to teach our children, and their children, to ensure they learn, what I did, from being there.   We have to remember, what they sacrificed, and what all our service men and woman sacrifice, for us.  For freedom.  For life.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Our Children

My son's Father is in the Australian Defense Force.  My son is very proud of him.  Last year he was asked to represent his school in laying a wreath at our local ceremony in town.  He was very proud to be doing this, as I was of him.  So many people were at that ceremony, and at the Dawn Service, so many people remembering and honouring those gone before us, and those who still serve.  So many people that they couldn't all fit into the Town Hall, people were spilled out and there were hundreds who listened from outside.  The amount of families and children present was very heartwarming, and can fill us with hope for the future.


The ANZAC jewellery I have made, represents words that are so important to me, how I think, and how I try to live my life. I like to be mindful of who came before me, what they did, so I can live the life I do.  I like to appreciate what I have, and appreciate what others have done.  I like to remember those we have lost, and honour their memory.


Anzac Day is a special day for us to remember and commemorate.  Lest we forget.

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Posted: Saturday 16 April 2016