Valentines Day Collection

  • Hold My Hand Keyring
    A cute gift for Valentines Day and the one you love.
    NZ$ 25.30
  • Guitar Pick Keyring
    The Guitar Pick Keyring is a popular choice with the music lovers.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Valentines Day Keyring
    Our Valentines Day Keyring can be personalised with your initials .. a special keepsake.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Me and You Keyring
    The Me and You Keyring is perfect to celebrate your love with your other half.
    NZ$ 25.30
  • All Of Me Pendant
    Beautiful All of Me Pendant, handstamped with words of your choice.
    NZ$ 36.80
  • Geo Heart Pendant
    The Geo Heart Pendant is a unique take on the traditional heart, handstamped with names or words of your choice.
    NZ$ 51.75
  • Bottle Opener Wallet Card
    Bottle Opener Wallet Cards not only open bottles, but can sport a special message... and fit neatly into the wallet.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Moon Pendant
    The Moon Pendant is perfect for the "I love you to the moon and back" quote or any other words you'd like.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Copper Wallet Insert
    Copper Wallet Inserts are a lovely keepsake for that special person.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Wallet Insert
    Our selection of Wallet Inserts will give you options - these inserts fit a long quote, lyrics, enough room to say something really special to the one you love.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Dog Tag Necklace
    The classic Dog Tag - personalised with names, dates or words of your choice.
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Drive Safe Keyring
    A great message on this keyring, and letting someone know you love them.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Fire Painted Guitar Pick Pendant
    The unique Fire Painted Guitar Pick can be hand stamped with words or names of your choice.
    NZ$ 37.95
  • My Family Pendant Mini
    My Family Pendant the small version - personalised for you.
    NZ$ 51.75
  • Elegant Bar Pendant
    The Elegant Bar Pendant is perfect for a name or two, a date, or an inspirational word.
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Tiffany Heart Pendant
    The Tiffany Heart Pendant is a sweet way to wear the name of a loved one around your neck.
    NZ$ 97.75
  • Me and You Pendant
    The Me and You Pendant is perfect for someone who you will love forever.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Sign Language I Love You Pendant
    Say I Love You in sign language every day with this cute hand stamped pendant.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • US Keyring
    Celebrate your couplehood or friendship with the cute US Keyring.
    NZ$ 21.85
  • Bee Mine Pendant
    NZ$ 23.00