Valentines Day Dice Game

Valentines Day Dice Game
The Dice Game where you make the rules!
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The game where you choose the rules !

You can choose from 2 different dice - and you decide what each side means.  

The dice come in a cute little tin, which can be personalised with your names or initials - the example photo has a floral design - you can include a floral design with your initials if you like, or a flower or two if you choose to have your names on it.

Dice 1 : Heart, Wine Glass, Peace Sign, Holding Hands, Stars, Moon.

Dice 2 : Heart, Wine Glass, Peace Sign, Holding Hands, Penis, Boobs.

You can check out the two dice in a video here.

Other stamps are available if you'd like to check here (the larger ones won't fit).

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