For the Pets

  • Bone Pet Tag
    Choose our Bone Pet Tag for your dog - we'll personalise it for you.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Ugly Crying Pet Tag
    Call My Mum ... She's Ugly Crying !!
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Floral Pet Tag
    Our Floral Pet Tag features our favourite floral design along with your pets name and your phone number.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Luna Pet Tag
    Pet Tag featuring our Luna design of floral moon and stars!
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Chaika Pet Tag
    Personalised Pet Tag for the mountain loving dog!
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Cat Tag
    A handstamped tag for your cat! Handstamped with their name and your phone number.
    NZ$ 14.95
  • Worship Me Cat Tag
    In Ancient Egypt cats were considered Gods. Cat's have not forgotten this.
    NZ$ 17.25
  • Personalised Cat Food Teaspoon
    A special teaspoon just for your cat food !
    NZ$ 14.95
  • Pet Memorial Necklace
    A sweet pendant in memory of your beloved pet.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Pawprint Book Art
    Cute pawprint, folded into a hard cover book. Cute gift for the dog lover.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Personalised Pawprint Book Art
    We can personalise your Pawprint Book Art to create a beautiful keepsake for a loved pet.
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Dog Lovers Tag
    A special tag celebrating the love of dogs.
    NZ$ 17.25