Copper 3.2mm Ring

Copper 3.2mm Ring
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These Copper Rings are available for pre-order.  

They are 3.2mm wide and will be best stamped with 2.5mm Salvador or Wildflowers, and will also fit a small star or heart design if wanted.

Please note that copper DOES and WILL tarnish with wear.  Copper may colour your skin.  Please google this if you are concerned and before purchasing.  I wear my copper ring 24/7 for health benefits as it helps my finger aches & pains.  It does sometimes leave a dark mark around the inside of my finger.

I have polish pads available that will restore you copper, brass or sterling silver product to shiny new in seconds !

The wait time will be approximately 3 - 4 weeks as we wait for these to be delivered and stamped by me.

Thank you!

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