Memorial Designs

  • A Piece of our Heart Pendant Set
    Take a piece of their heart everywhere with this special double set. A beautiful memorial set for those who've lost and want to remember.
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Angel Baby Christmas Tree
    Include your Angel Baby this Christmas with our handstamped and personalised Christmas Tree.
    NZ$ 23.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Memorial Candle
    Our beautiful Memorial Candles feature 3 different quotes, and a personalised disc. Gorgeous scents, a beautiful way to remember a loved one.
    NZ$ 34.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Always in my Heart Pendant
    The Always in my Heart Pendant can be personalised for you. A beautiful reminder.
    NZ$ 36.80
  • Little Angel Wings Pendant
    Our Little Angel Wings Pendant is a special reminder of one you have lost.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Little Footprints Pendant
    The Little Footprints Pendant was designed for those little footprints that were never made. Babies lost too soon.
    NZ$ 25.30
  • Daddy of an Angel Pendant or Keyring
    A special keepsake for the Daddy of an Angel. Choose from keyring or pendant.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Angel Christmas Decoration
    Include your loved one who is no longer with you this Christmas with this special memorial Christmas Decoration.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Angel Wings Pendant
    The Angel Wings Pendant is a beautiful pendant, perfect as a memorial pendant to remember a loved one.
    NZ$ 92.00
  • As Long As I'm Living Pendant
    As long as I'm living my baby you'll be - this handstamped pendant features this beautiful quote.
    NZ$ 40.25
  • Mummy of an Angel Pendant (Stainless)
    A special pendant for the Mummy of an Angel. A beautiful keepsake of your angel baby.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • In My Heart Pendant
    Part of our Koby Collection, the In My Heart Pendant is created in memory of your baby or child no longer on this Earth.
    NZ$ 48.30
  • Dandelion Keyring
    A mother is not defined by the number of children you see .. a special quote to remember those who could not stay.
    NZ$ 34.50
  • As Long As I'm Living Keyring
    As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be - a special quote for this special keyring.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Koby Pendant
    The Koby Pendant was KJdesigns first design. Personalised for you, including a swarovski crystal birthstone.
    NZ$ 49.45
  • Koby Plaque
    A special little plaque to attach to a photo album, frame etc. Handstamped with your babies name and date of birth.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Still Loved Pendant
    The Still Love Pendant is a memorial design that is a beautiful reminder that our loved ones never really leave us.
    NZ$ 46.00
  • Angel Baby Pendant
    Wear our Angel Baby Pendant to keep your beautiful baby close to you.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • My Forever Baby Pendant
    The My Forever Baby Pendant symbolises that your baby will be with you forever. Forever your baby.
    NZ$ 28.75
  • Pocket Token
    Pocket Tokens are a special way of feeling connected, finding calm when you need it. These are tactile pewter, and can be personalised with words or a name.
    NZ$ 23.00
  • My Heart Pendant
    The unique My Heart Pendant offers 2 layers of hearts, both can be personalised for you.
    NZ$ 103.50
    NZ$ 57.50
  • Cremation Keyring
    This special Cremation Keyring is handstamped with words of your choice and will hold the ashes of a loved one.
    NZ$ 63.25
  • Little Angel
    A sweet Little Angel Charm - handstamped with an initial. A cute little keepsake.
    NZ$ 20.70
  • Merry Christmas Little One
    Merry Christmas Little One - a special card for an Angel baby at Christmas Time.
    NZ$ 5.75
  • Kobys Angel
    NZ$ 25.30
    Out Of Stock

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