Personalised New or Vintage Cutlery

Personalised New or Vintage Cutlery
NZ$ 11.50 including GST
Price for 6+:
NZ$ 9.78 per item
Price for 20+:
NZ$ 9.20 per item
Purchase Qty:

Handstamped messages on a knife, fork or spoon - popular as a fun gift for someone else, or just to brighten up your own day!

Some of my favourites:

Spoon :

Cereal Killer

I love to spoon

A spoonful of love

I just want to fork


I just want to spoon

Fork that

May the fork be with you


Spread the love

Spread with love

Spread happiness

  • Personalised Baby Spoons
    NZ$ 11.50
  • Wedding Forks
    NZ$ 23.00
  • Teaspoon
    NZ$ 11.50
  • Splades / Sporks or Cake Forks
    NZ$ 11.50
  • Teapot Teaspoon
    NZ$ 17.25
  • Unique Spoon Set
    NZ$ 109.25
  • Chevron Teaspoon
    NZ$ 17.25
  • Floral Teaspoon
    NZ$ 13.80