Intention Ring

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Intention Ring
Beautiful Copper Ring to help inspire you as we navigate 2021.
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Set your intention for the year with one of these gorgeous copper rings.  Choose the word that you need to see, that helps you get through the day, or that inspires you!

Copper is believed to help with joint pain and has been long been appreciated for its healing powers, especially worn as a ring or bracelet close to the skin.

Copper will tarnish, the rate will differ between people, and change to a gorgeous deep brown, red, or even blueish tinge.  This is normal and will not harm your skin.  It is though, very easy to polish back to shiny.  Our Polish Pads are perfect for this and will have it looking like new in seconds.

I personally wear copper to help with achy joints.  In 2019 I broke fingers of my left hand, and in 2020 had a lot of ongoing pain when I was working in one finger particularly.  I love to wear copper, and wear a copper cuff, but had avoided copper rings as I do get a 'black' finger under the ring due to the acidity in my skin.  The ring doesn't tarnish on the outside (dispite the fact I wear it 24/7 in the shower and spa etc).  However, I love how it looks AND best of all, I have no pain at all in that finger since wearing it.

Please note  when sizing your ring, it is best to measure the inside diameter of an existing ring.  The measurements on the ring chart refer to the inside diameter.  These rings are 'slightly' adjustable in that they have the gap at the back so your sizing doesn't have to be exact, however they are not made to 'open and close' many times, so the more accurate you are the better.

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