Intention Cuff Bracelet

Intention Cuff Bracelet
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Do you set New Years Resolutions ?  Sometimes they are difficult and sometimes we set crazy things that we'll never be able to achieve, which leaves us feeling like we have somehow failed the year.  

2021 has affected everyone in some way, its been a crazy, long, often confusing time for a lot of people.  It has changed peoples lives, it has reset the way a lot of us think about life in general, and our place in this world.

Instead of a Resolution this year, I invite you to set a 'Word of the Year', an intention.  A word that sums up how you would like to be this year, or how you would like to see the year evolving, maybe a word to motivate you to achieve the year you want.

The beauty of this, is we can create it on this cuff bracelet for you, that you can wear all the time.  Your intention for the year is right with you, inspiring or directing you daily.  

Just choose one word.   The beauty is in the simplicity.  

Check out how to put your cuff on correctly!.. click here!

These aluminium cuffs are 15cm long and 6mm wide.

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