Call of the Wild Pendant

Call of the Wild Pendant
OOAK Fire Painted Pendant
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The Call of the Wild Pendant features a wolf howling at the moon ... the night sky is fire painted into bright firey colours.

The copper is painted by way of flame, and then sealed with a lacquer to hold the colour.  

Over time the lacquer can wear off, so it is not recommended to wear this pendant with other pendants that may knock against it, scratch it etc.  It should be removed before bed and showering, swimming etc, to prolong the life of the lacquer.

This is a one of a kind 'painting' as each one will produce different colours and patterns.

Please note these have been photographed from a couple of different angles to attempt to show the true colours.  Computer and phone screens can differ, so please allow for suble differences, and note that the colouring also looks different in different lights.

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