Birth Flower Bar Pendant

Birth Flower Bar Pendant
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Our exquisite Birth Flower Bar Pendant, is the perfect choice for those seeking a beautiful and meaningful representation of their children or grandchildren through birth flowers. Personalised jewellery adorned with birth flowers holds a special place in our hearts, as it combines sentimentality with a delicate and captivating aesthetic.

This simple yet elegant bar pendant serves as a beautiful reminder of the cherished bond you share with your loved ones. It encapsulates the love, joy, and precious moments you've experienced together in a single, refined design.

By choosing our Birth Flower Bar Pendant, you not only celebrate your loves but also add a touch of natural beauty to your jewellery collection.

It's a gentle and meaningful way to carry them with you wherever you go, creating a unique and personal connection that is treasured forever.

You can view the birth flowers HERE

Just let me know in the 'details to personalise' the birth months in order you would like.  I can 'fill in' spaces with leaves if you would like - so just let me know if you'd like that too, otherwise I'll just do the flowers.

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