Achievement Keyring

Achievement Keyring
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This gorgeous Achievement Keyring is designed to help you achieve your goals, and to celebrate them!  

The goal can be anything you want ... 

Achieving a certain weight loss amount

Running a certain distance

Breastfeeding for x many months or years

You pick the numbers that go on the disc's - with the gold (brass) one being the one you are aiming for.  The disc's can easily be added onto the keyring as you achieve each goal.  

Wonderful motivation to keep going, and a fantastic keepsake of how far you've come, and what you've achieved.

Additional disc's can be purchased if the goal posts change !!  Just ask.

And of course, you can change the words on the heart to anything you'd like!

Stainess Steel heart 32mm

Stainless Steel & Brass disc's 13mm

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