Secret Message (Salty As Crossover) Pendant

Secret Message (Salty As Crossover) Pendant
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The Secret Message Personalised Pendant, a remarkable addition to our Salty As Crossover Product range, alongside the highly sought-after Secret Message Cuff. Whether worn individually or as a matching set, these pieces are destined to make a statement.

This pendant showcases a captivating floral design on the outside, exuding elegance and charm. However, the real magic lies within, where a secret message awaits. It's your personal space to express something "Salty" or keep a private sentiment close to your heart.

Uniquely crafted and customised just for you, this pendant holds a special message that is exclusively yours. It's a beautifully discreet way to carry a meaningful reminder or keep a secret close, empowering you with a sense of personal connection and individuality.

When it comes to the floral design, you have two options. Select a random floral design for a delightful surprise, or choose your preferred flowers by exploring the available options on our website. This allows you to create a pendant that perfectly reflects your taste and personal style... you can check out the options here.

Embrace the allure of the Secret Message Personalised Pendant and unlock the power of a hidden message. Whether you wear it as a standalone piece or pair it with the Secret Message Cuff, this pendant is designed to captivate and inspire.

25mm Aluminium Disc

60cm stainless steel ball chain

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  • Posted: 2023-10-20