My Life Keepsake Book

My Life Keepsake Book
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I have created The My Life Keepsake Book as a special gift for your children, grandchildren or partner, for after you have gone.  This is the Ultimate Keepsake, something you can create now - to be found later.  

It is a treasure, an amazing gift for your loved ones.  It is the gift of knowing YOU.  Knowing the little things about you, that they may not know ... the things that will make them smile at the memory, that will make them feel connected and loved.  

You can read more about it here.

The book contains 100 pages of prompts and ideas for you to share snippets of your life.   What you share is totally up to you, it is YOUR life, YOUR story - for YOUR loved ones.

You don't have to sit and fill it in all at once, you can add bits and pieces as you want, and you can add to it as the years go by.  

There is space at the back for letters to your loved ones.  You can use these however you wish.  

The book can be purchased seperately, and it is also designed to be part of a Gift Box.  I've shared the story of when my Mum passed, and I searched all through her belongings looking for treasures - things that were HER.  Special things that I could keep close, to feel close to her.  You can purchase The My Life Gift Box (coming soon), and add a special personalised gift for your loved ones.  A necklace with special words on - something they can wear straight away, feel that connection with you.  

You can also add other treasures.  Family Jewellery wrapped up for each child, a special piece of baby clothing, those locks of hair you kept, special letters or cards you'd like them to have.   Special photos, or ALL their photos from growing up on a USB or the details of an email account where you've emailed them pictures or letters over the years.  Newspaper articles from the year they were born, or your favourite song for them to listen to. 

Treasures for them to find.  An amazing gift of love.

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  • Posted: 2023-11-03