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At KJdesigns we specialise in creating personalised jewellery keyrings and keepsakes just for you!  

We believe that life is all about the connections that you make, with people, places, events, animals .. 

It is what inspires you and makes you want to get up in the morning.  What makes your heart beat faster, and your soul sing... 

There are moments in life that you just want to preserve forever, special words or lyrics that touch your soul.  

We want to help you celebrate this and our personalised jewellery is a perfect way to put into words exactly what is special to you.  

KJdesigns is here to help you celebrate these connections, to create tangible memories that you can cherish forever.

Mummy Jewellery, Family Jewellery, Handstamped Jewellery, Personalised Jewellery, Name Jewellery

Handstamped jewellery and keepsakes are perfect for those who love beautiful, sentimental or inspirational products.  

Our jewellery is uniquely individual, in that it is all hand stamped one letter at a time.  This means there will never be another piece exactly the same as yours.  

Your jewellery will be treasured for years to come as a reminder of everything you love and live for. 

 Personalised is perfect for yourself, or the most unique gift.

Customer Story Questionaire

We'd love to hear the story of why you chose the design you did, why it is personalised how it is, what it means to you.

Click the image to complete the questionaire!  

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