Me Love You Pendant

Me Love You Pendant
Me Love You Pendant, created with special words .. a beautiful reminder to wear close to your heart.
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A special release for Mothers Day ... this pendant is inspired by my littlest boy ...

My little dude, every night before he goes to sleep... "Me love you", and my bad english example replies "Me love you too baby", he goes on to say "Me love you all day", to which I reply "Me love you all day, every day and forever"

Something I really don't want to forget .. so today it is forever stamped onto a special piece of jewellery.

If you have a special phrase or word your little one says to you, or you say to them - this is the perfect way to remember and celebrate that perfect moment when they love you more than anything else in this world.

51 cm stainless steel rolo chain 

4cm aluminium tag or

4cm copper tag

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