HEX Pendant

HEX Pendant
The HEX Pendant with it's 6 sides is perfect for families with up to 6 kids.
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Awesome HEX Pendant, features an aluminium hexagon ... 6 sides of stamping!

Great for kids names, dates, Mum & Dad ... anything you'd like.

Please note there is a definate front and back to these pendants, so when you are advising your

details to personalise, start at the very front and go anti clockwise.  Viewing it from the front you can

see 3 sides - so start with the middle one.

These come on a leather cord, or a stainless steel ball chain.

Aluminium hexagon - 32mm long and 9mm wide.  6 sides!

Leather cord or

60 cm stainless steel 2.4mm ball chain

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