Copper Cuff Bracelet 26mm

Copper Cuff Bracelet 26mm
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Copper Cuff bracelet, 26mm wide.  This can fit 4 lines of stamping (or 5 in a smaller font).

To give you an idea of what can fit - this is stamped on one of the cuffs pictured : 

To give an idea of what will fit - this is stamped on one pictured:
You will see my tiny footprints in each butterflies lazy dance,
I'll let you know i am with you if you just give me the chance,
Most of all these tiny footprints are found on mummy and daddys hearts,
Cos even though I am gone now we will never truly part

Also available in 6mm - Copper Cuff Bracelet 6mm and 12mm - Copper Cuff Bracelet 12mm

Copper Cuff, 26mm wide, and 15cm long.

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