11th Birthday Colouring In Competition

11th Birthday Colouring In Competition
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Celebrating KJdesigns 11th birthday ! 

11 years in business !  Still surprises and amazes me.

I thought part of the celebrations could include a colouring competition since it is the school holidays, and because here at KJdesigns my goal is to help you celebrate your loves and lives I thought this design would be perfect.

You can do it yourself and put all your loves into the hearts, or words that inspire you, or even what you'd love to achieve this year !  Or you can get your kids to do it, and get them to do the same, all their loves, or all the positive things in their lives, or anything that you'd like !

There will be an adults (All My Love Personalised Pendant) & a kids (personalised kids necklace) prize - drawn from all the entries at the end of the school holidays.

Email your finished entries through to

Have fun .. and good luck x

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