Why Personalised ?

Why Personalised ?


That's the question really isn't it?  Why do you want something personalised?  I'm lucky that you do - because - that is my business!  But WHY do you?

WORDS mean so much to people.  Words can invoke such strong emotions and feelings.  There are words that can hurt us, but there are also words that can inspire us, make us laugh or cry, and words that inspire great feelings of love.

I know what I'd rather wear. 

Beautiful Jewellery, that is PERSONALISED.


Personalised, handstamped jewellery CAN say ANYTHING you want - and that is what makes it special.  Because it say's EXACTLY what you want it to.  YOU choose what you want on your design.  Your words, Your way. 

You can choose something to uplift you, to inspire you, to remind you that you are enough.

There are so many amazing words that really resonate with people, that uplift and can change your mind-set just by seeing and taking in the meaning.

They can really change your day.  They can remind you just how amazing you are!


I love (obviously) handstamped jewellery, being able to personalise my childrens names onto my jewellery makes them beyond special for me. 

Wearing my babies names close to my heart, it is amazing when I take note, the times I find my hand holding my necklace, it keeps them close, when we are apart.

Feeling the connection is what life is about. 


Personalised jewellery can also help you feel closer to loved ones, no longer with us.

If you've lost a baby, parents, a sibling, or your best friend, having their name on a piece of jewellery is incredibly affirming and healing.  

To me, this is one of the most perfect customer photos of all time, as a newborn baby reaches up to grab the necklace with their angel sibling's name on it.  Both this photo, and the necklace are an extremely precious keepsake, and part of memory making for angel babies.


Adventure awaits ... all of us - if we want it ! 

We can create the life we want - have the adventures we want.  Personalised jewellery can celebrate that - we can do fun, life affirming words and quotes. 

I love stamping 'pictures' like this, and celebrating life with you.


You can't get more personal than something personalised - and of course, if it is jewellery, it can be beautiful as well!  Or practical if it is a keyring, or fun if it is wine glass charms !  So many choices of how you can personalise your life with KJdesigns handstamped goodies.

Posted: Tuesday 8 August 2017