Customer Story : Kim's Family

Customer Story : Kim's Family

Kims Family :

Our small family consists of two cats Dexter & Ari, myself ( Kim) and my partner Adam. Adam works for the RNZAF and often goes away overseas at short ( or no) notice.

We have two soft toy animals, Charlie the monkey & George the monster. Charlie is packed with Adam every time he goes away, whether it's one day or six months. Well often send photos to each other with our characters in the background.

Kim and George

Special Family Members :

Due to a medical condition we are not extending our human family so the other wee characters in our life are very very special.

Home is wherever YOU are :

When your a military family you learn to live by the motto, "Home is wherever YOU are" , so this custom piece is to remind me that although we're not your standard type family, we're STILL a family, not just a couple and as long as we have each other and love each other then that's what a family really is.

The Hex Pendant has 6 sides that can all be stamped, making it perfect for Kim's family.

HEX Pendant

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Posted: Friday 1 July 2016