Customer Story : Cathryne and the Dog Tags

Customer Story : Cathryne and the Dog Tags

Customer Story : Cathryne and the Dog Tags

Cathryne approached me a couple of months ago wanting something special for her son.  He was very interested in the dog tags and also wanted something to represent his father who had passed away a year ago.

Teenage Pressure

Cathryne says : I put him off for as long as I could but finally gave in to the PLEASE MUM's and got John the first of his two dog tags. This one has his name and date of birth on it.

He was over the moon and loves it dearly.

He continued to hound me for the next few weeks about getting a second one, but at first couldn't decide what to have handstamped on it. I suggested he get his Dad's name and DOB and DOD. He loved the idea so we ordered the second one, this time as a key ring.

Special Keepsake

Cathryne says : When it arrived he removed it from the key chain and put in on the chain with the other one. I kid you not, the only time he removes it is when he has a shower. He wears it everywhere and as far as I know has had some great comments about it.  He really does treasure it. 

Customer service

Cathryne says : You were very helpful.Thank you so much.

Peronsalised Dog Tags

Personalised Handstamped Dog Tags are very popular as pendants for a wide range of people.  They are great as they can fit a good amount of words/dates on there if required.  Wonderful as pendants, or keyrings, and like all personalised jewellery, such an amazing way of keeping your loved ones close to you. 

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Posted: Friday 3 June 2016