Handstamping for 5 years

Handstamping for 5 years

April sees us celebrating 5 years in business!

5 years in business is quite an achievement for any small business, and to end that 5 years with record sales for the year, is just fantastic reward for so much love and hard work.

The last 12 months (or 18 really) have been the turning point for us at KJdesigns, with it becoming 'a real business' ! While it is my passion and my hobby, and also a business, 18 months ago, it had to also become 'our families main income'.  This is a terrifying moment for anyone with a 'hobby turned business', a Mum working from home around her children, one of them a toddler !

This came about with Mr KJdesigns requiring shoulder surgery and being out of work for over a year. 

Small Business Management

Luckily I came across this fantastic course, right at the time I needed it.  The course basically had us working ON, not just IN our business, and over 36 weeks we all created our own comprehensive Business Plan.  My plan included taking my business to the next level, and taking over the world with HANDSTAMPED JEWELLERY.  Happily we increased our exposure, reached more people, and sales took off, enabling my family to eat !! Which is always very important!  While we haven't quite taken over the world yet - stay tuned - the best is yet to come !!

5 Years!

I find it incredible that it has been 5 years.  KJdesigns of course came about after the loss of our baby, Koby, and was named after him.  5 years in business also means, more than 5 years since we said goodbye to Koby.  Since we last saw him.  Which seems impossible to imagine, since it does often just feel like yesterday.  Though, sometimes it also feels like forever.  Time, after loss, grieving, can be a very strange thing.  Sometimes it seems like you have lived with the loss forever, sometimes it seems like it is fresh and new, sometimes you wish you could feel it more, because you worry that it is getting further and further from you.  That you will forget.  KJdesigns helps keeps his memory alive for me - helps keep him close.   Every day I am living his legacy, and creating in his name.

KJdesigns saved me!

I found handstamped jewellery at a time I needed it.  Needed something.  I was coming out of the initial fog of grief, and looking for 'something'.  I found my creativity - I'd always been creative, but never had found 'my thing'.  My calling - it simply is creating handstamped memories, keepsakes, that are special to people, that will give them comfort and bring them love and joy.  That keep the moment alive.  Keep memories alive.  Handstamped and personalised jewellery is so very special, because it is special to the individual, it is about their love, and their lives, and what is important to them.  And I LOVE being able to create that for people.  I am not sure where I would be today, if I hadn't been inspired by Koby.  If he hadn't led me to this space, where I can proudly say - I've been in business for 5 years.   I've had KJdesigns for 5 years.  So, this is my wee Thank You to Koby, for all he has given me ...

And a huge Thank You to EVERYONE that has supported KJdesigns over the last 5 years - your support means that we can continue to run this business that gives so much to us, and hopefully to you as well.  Creating your personalised keepsakes, while it is our business, is also our passion.


Posted: Monday 17 April 2017